Religious and scientific collaboration is possible

Here comes another question. If religion and science share "belief" and "inspiration," it is questionable whether they can also "cooperate." Hyun replied to the question, "Any cooperation between science and religion is possible." And one of the objects of the cooperation was explained as a 'matter about infinity'. It is contradictory for humans, who are finite beings, to deal with infinity. However, 'infinite' is an important part of science because there is infinity in the unknown world and there is an important truth in it. In fact, many things cannot be explained except for "infinite" in physics. Even if religion uses the name 'God' for infinity, the two areas can cooperate with each other. And "start and end" is also a matter that religion and science can talk about head-to-head to head. To talk about the beginning and the end of the universe, it is because it meets ideas on a religious level.


To explain it

religion refers to an unknown world, but it can be said that people want to know. Science can also be seen as a journey to the unknown. Because they believe that there is an important truth, they are both heading toward the unknown world. In short, science and religion can take a different approach, but they are on the same path.

If so, what should the two areas do to coexist with each other? First of all, it is important to be free from prejudice. This is because only when we get out of prejudice can we return to the original attitude of the religious person and the original mind of the scientist.


However, in order to have “humility and patience,” efforts to recognize each other’s territory must be prioritized above all else. This is because only then can there be no criticism by invading each other’s territory recklessly.

Professor Hyun also pointed out, “Because the system and the system can communicate, there will be no conflict if religion is viewed as a system,” adding, “If religious people and scientists recognize it as a system and have a humble mind that no system is complete, science and religion can move on to a relationship that helps each other develop.”