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What science and religion have in common is inspiration and faith

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Relationship between science and religion

If you look into the relationship between science and religion, you can see that scientists' attitudes are divided. Although social problems are said to be the main cause, there are people who criticize religion in the name of science, and scientists who study to know the will of God or to understand the world of God. Why is it divided into one object of religion?

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Feynman's classification

Let's look at Feynman's classification. The first is the metaphysical aspect. It is the part that causes conflict with scientists. Fighting is inevitable because it leads to practical problems such as "Is the Earth the center of the universe? Is the human ancestor an animal?" into science. A typical example is Dawkins, the author of The Selfish Gene.

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Ethical aspect

The second is the ethical aspect. That's where it doesn't matter. This is because there is no scientist anywhere to deny the phrase "love your neighbor." Feynman interprets that the areas of religion and science are independent of each other in terms of ethics.

"Fineman, who won the Nobel Prize in physics, explained three aspects of religion that meet science, and his analysis is quite convincing."

W.S Hyun

The important part is the third. This is because the spiritual aspect is the part where religion and science can work and the real value of religion can be maintained. It makes sense to think that countless scientists often use the expression "inspiration" when making discoveries.

Inspiration is related to faith. When asked about “What will happen if you act like this?” the expectation that “it should be like this” corresponds to “belief.” Mathematics is a field that the general public inadvertently passes by, but is easily recognized. This is because math starts with ‘belief’. First, we have to make a definition to prove it. However, in order to create this definition, an axiom must exist. The axiom can be said to be “belief.” This is because it is not proven to be an axiom, but a starting point for believing that it is like this.

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True of scientific experiments

The same is true of scientific experiments. An experiment is a process to uncover something that has not been proven. It can be said that it is a process of confirming whether the hypothesis that one has established is correct. It can be said that the experiment is conducted because of the “belief” that the expected results will come out.

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